Joe Rogan and Howard Bloom


Howard Bloom and Joe Rogan are two insanely interesting and thought-provoking minds. These guys sit down for a full 3 hours of conversation and talk about some wild shit.


While no one will be able to tell how correct Bloom’s statements are, the guy brings up some left-field topics that really get the mind racing. Mr. Bloom talks about being too weak to speak for 15 years, his weirdo diet, fungus that can take control of other animals, looking for the beatniks, taking drugs, his scientific studies, and work in the music industry.


Taking a long drive? Going for a ride? Sitting with friends and don’t know what to talk about? Listen to this and be ready to hear some stuff you’ve never heard before.


You can also listen to podcasts on your iPhone using the pre-installed “Podcasts” application. Not sure how you Android users do it, so let us know if and when you tune in.

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