I Want to Surf with Mason Ho

Brought to you by …LOST and Mayhem Matt Biolas
Filmed by Rory Pringle

TEMPLE OF THE …LOST STONE is the kind of surf movie I want to make. The music is amazing, the B-roll is hilarious, waves are epic, and the surfing is consistently entertaining with each passing wave.

Many guys on the WCT have the ability to get barreled for 5-10 seconds plus at Padang Padang. However, Mason Ho has the ability to show them up with head jives, rail grab switches inside the barrel, and general dissatisfaction with leaving any part of the wave un-surfed. He’s like a five and a half foot wrecking ball–blowing through tubes, blasting airs, hacking, and looking more stylish with each wave section he decides to tear apart.

The video’s creators wrote: “This summer Mayhem headed to Indo to dial in a quiver of tube shooters and high-pro punters with surfing’s favorite crack-up, Mason Ho and more… The concept? Simple: Indo, one surfer, five boards. The perfect Indo quiver: The Indo Driver, Trouble Shooter, Voodoo Child, Baby Buggy, Quiver Killer, Puddle Jumper Round Pin, and more…
Mason headed to the Lost Indo factory, with Cheeseburger and Bruce Irons in tow (and Tom Curren not far behind), loaded up some fresh foam and proceeded to feast on Indo’s sprawling selection, from novelty rock wedges to pumping Uluwatu and everything in between, putting the new …Lost lineup through its paces.


Mayhem’s slick little Indo Drivers, a travel-ready, medium-volume tube shooter. Drawn from the beloved Driver’s DNA—much like the Driver 1/2-Step Matt’s been building for his CT squad’s reef pass needs—the Indo Driver’s “suited to most anyone with enough skills to even be out in reef break line ups.”


Mayhem’s cheeky looking Quiver Killer’s, a super versatile travel board, as comfortable in spinning reefpass barrels as it is on a chip-shot novelty wedge. 
“A shot straight through the heart” of your overstuffed boardbag, the Quiver Killer’s a minimalist’s dream, a stubby little round tail with volume right where you need it, “still generous enough to create speed and feel lively in anything but the smallest, or true “grovel” surf.”


Mason’s signature model all over Indo, flaring out frontside blow-tails, squaring up in some beautiful little barrels, taking lines on a few waves like only he can..
When Mayhem unveiled Mason’s pro model, we were obviously intrigued: a volume-forward, thick little thruster with a sexy subtle beak hiding thickness (and adding paddling as well as nose strength), “a nod back to the days when Mason’s pop (Michael Ho) and Uncle Derek, ruled the North Shore and beyond… Balance out into an easy to ride, generously proportioned all around shortboard with post modern and retro chick influences.”


The grand final featuring Mason, his Pops, Tom Curren (and Burger, of course) taking spins on Curren’s most recent finger-finned skimboard, as well as a sexy-as-all-hell looking Trouble Shooter.
The Trouble Shooter’s a new solid wave sled from Mayhem this year, inspired by the classic channel-bottoms of the late, great Alan Byrne. As Mayhem says, the Trouble Shooter’s “designed to take you in and out of dream waves.” Modest entry rocker, a narrow swallow that’s not too extreme for proper top-to-bottom surfing, made even more maneuverable by plenty of tail rocker, with a shallow concave blending into a four-channel bottom providing drive and control, and plenty of hidden volume for chasing peaks or moving around in shifty, heavy lineups.



So what if the whole movie was a promo for …LOST INDO. If I go to Bali, I’m ordering Baby Buggy and Trouble Shooter freshies for when I arrive. Too bad I’ll never surf like Mason.

This clip dropped shortly after Temple of the… Lost Stone; affirming Mason Ho as the most interesting surfer to watch.
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