Hurricane Paulette Swell Gallery

September 2020. This is most certainly the future, ladies and gents, a strange one at that. This month’s weather has been iffy due to five (count em) five tropical cyclone systems hanging around. Already, the 2020 Hurricane season has used all storm names on offer and will continue using the Greek alphabet (Alpha’s coming). Even weirder, our sun is being diluted by vast wildfires across the country. But on the plus-side, there has been no shortage of swell, and many coastal towns have experienced a post-Summer calmness.

Paulette went off in the Northeast. Surfers shared tropical waves from Monday the 14th until Thursday the 17th. However, the early week, N/NW wind and long period swell took up most of your IG feeds last week.

My surf / sports friend Alex Manso had seen this forecast and called me early Sunday morning. “Let me know if you’re coming before I ask someone else,” he said. I quickly dispelled all doubt. “I’m in.”

I was lucky enough to stay with Manso’s good friend Brian later that evening. After our drive, local boys Brian and Jackson showed us the Best Pizza and treated us to some BBCs. While skeptical at first, I was in instant happy mode after our food and bevs.

Later that evening at Brian’s humble abode, we planned to surf early the next morning. Reaching for my pillow, I noticed another head laying on it. I was confused and annoyed at this presence. However, I did not realize I’d be even more confused and annoyed when the head got up and started talking.

The head sported red hair and was connected to what seemed to be a woman’s body. She spoke of “hating America,” distaste for “casual sex,” and depression she felt when someone told her “that COVID was fake.”

We couldn’t finish our beers and fall asleep fast enough (I got my pillow and spot on the couch back).

“That might have been the worst chick I’ve ever met,” said Manso before our next morning’s surf. I agreed.

The waves were good for the remainder of that Monday. And the red-headed devil was gone when we returned between sessions. After scoring all day, Manso and I felt like kings as we feasted on $30 worth of McDonalds later that evening.

The gallery that follows details the waves surf and chased on Monday and in the days after. Looking ahead, Hurricane Teddy is slated to be the biggest storm of the season

As you prepare for shredding Teddy’s waves you might notice that some of the surfers you’ve seen only on vlogs or via IG are in the lineup with you. For example, I’ve had the pleasure of surfing Paulette and Teddy alongside The Cheeseburger, Yadin Nicol, Matt Biolos, son of Tudor, son of Beschen, son of Nicol (he got pushed into a better tube than I’ve ever made), etc.

So, you have that to look forward to.