Winter Storm Orlena Surf in Glacial NJ

“If there was no such thing as barrels I probably wouldn’t even surf.”

– Clay Marzo

The Dirty Jerz went off during a large Winter Storm that dumped snow from Sunday to Wednesday. Seas reached upwards of 20 feet at the height of the storm. All the while, heaps of snow fell along the Northeast coast. Places in PA and North Jersey received 12+ inches, while Southern coastal towns recorded less than 6 inches.

However you sliced it, the surf was frigid and unforgiving. This storm reminded local surfers that Winter sessions aren’t about lazy top turns or cutbacks. Move somewhere else if cold, dredging tubes are not what you seek.

Barrels were awarded to those who heeded the call. By the end of the swell event, those who surfed may have lost feeling in their backs, lost ability to lift their arms, etc.

In the end, this is what surfing Winter in NJ is all about. Get the fuck out of dodge if it’s not what you signed up for. And as always, enjoy the gallery below of photos sniped between snowy sessions.