URN Cruising in the Caribbean

Shane almost turned around running to the car right then and there…

Getting warm is nice and all–but the boys could have partied in Miami on a Molly bender for 8 days wearing only speedos if they so chose. No, this was a trip meant for scouring Caribbean reef breaks for proper shred–followed by fried foods and cold Medallas.

Unfortunately, the Puerto Rican territory was amidst an uncharacteristically slow Winter in terms of waves when the team arrived on site. The large NW swells that turned Tres Palmas into a 30-foot nightmare just one year prior were nowhere to be found. Instead, the forecast that approached would be the worst the guys had ever seen in their relatively short Caribbean surf career.

The men changed modes, renting a quick getaway vehicle from the flat, booze trap that was Rincon and went North for some funner, sloppier conditions. While very nice, the small surf couldn’t keep the attention of the URN riders. Other outdoor sporting activities called their attention–allowing the travelers to explore Octopus holes undersea and jump off slippery cliffs at higher elevations. Finally, sitting down at the local watering hole between underaged locals from Mayaguez and some sorority chicks from Michigan–the boys examined the swell forecast as it began to perk up.

Soon enough, flights were dropped, booked, and schedules were stretched. Those who stayed enjoyed a bulky, overhead swell that everyone (locals, surf bums, and visitors) had been waiting for. Not only that, but when Saturday’s surf rolled through, the team found themselves in the lineup practically by themselves. By the end of it all, Holland and Gallagher came away with a wide variety of photos from the trip–the gallery that follows is what they came away with. Enjoy…

Photos: Nick Holland and Ryan Gallagher

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