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Shark Week: Dorsal Drip

Jawsome paraphernalia for ocean-goers who want to pay respect to the Gs of the sea. By: Britt Mattie (somewhere elsewhere – @_bmattie_) Nightmarish predispositions of the slippery taxman were placed in our heads back in the summer of ’75 when JAWS hit the big screen. In the wake of its manic response, Hollywood and media-driven paranoia […]

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August’s Post-Tropical Cyclone: ISAIAS

There’s no denying the Tropical Storm Isaias era of this Summer 2020 provided for East Coast surfers. In the week before Isaias, there was a 12-second, ESE swell that ignited an end-of-July & early-August surf fest. Isaias was lighting up Florida & the Southeast as NJ received fun, chest-high South swell conditions before the day […]

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For the Fellow East Coast Road-Rippers

I recently stumbled upon a 42-year-old surf film which documents a classic surf trip to one of our favorite locations: Cape Hatteras.  According to Brian Tissot’s YouTube page, Dave Bence, Frank Dorenkamp, Pat Fulks and Tissot himself journeyed from Virginia to OBX and even further south to Florida in search of waves and pure freedom. […]

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