Saturdays R4 Da Boys


The boys were frickin’ on it this Sunday. For a day that started off slow, the evening showed up in a big way.


Rolling up late in the day after a nap, I pull up next to the Bogsmobile. “Get the fuck out there, I just got so many kegs,” Zach said shivering through each word.  I heard Hunter before I could even see him. Krenk, Hunter, and Kyle moseyed our way smiling the same way Bogetti was.


They were hype. Kyle had gotten the clips and right there I knew an edit was coming as I half watched the replays from his camera and half changed into my wetty–and hood 🙁


I paddled out to see Tom, Alex, and Johnny get barreled in succession while the boys went back home and into the editing bay. Hunter’s air was lofty and Bogetti’s tube was long, but no one could match Krenkel’s good looks that session. Good work homies.




Video: Kyle Cadigan

Edit: Hunter Rainis

Photos: Ryan Gallagher

Surfers: Hunter Rainis, Zach Bogetti, and Alex Krenkel


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