Hurricane Maria in Long Island

“Yea, all the pros were out all day bro, it was soo sick.”

Well, yea it kinda was. Would I probably rather had surfed a less crowded spot with slightly worse waves? Definitely, it woulda beat getting burned every other wave…

At the same time, this was also just something to witness. Waves were damn near perfect, and the level of surfing was at hi-sports mode all day long. The boys were charging, pros were charging, even 60-year-old Wavestorm chick was shredding.

Luckily, there were also plenty of photographers and videographers to catch everything that was going down. The edit below is from videographer, Justin Rutherford. Great video shots, awesome editing, and finally an East Coast surfing edit that uses good music (MIDDLE FUCKING FINGER TO EVERY EDIT THAT USES EDM, HOUSE, OR ANY OTHER GAY-ASS MIXED SONG–sorry had to get that off my chest).

Either way it feels good to know I was getting burned, closed out, or tumbled, while the real surfers were threading tubes, and whacking off turns.

This is: Hurricane Maria sending barrels all day to Long Island, New York. September 28, 2017.

By: Justin Rutherford @aframetrestles.

Surfers: Balaram Stack, Colin Moran, Jamie Moran, Sam Hammer, Evan Geiselman, Ian Crane and some others.

Song: Wipers – Way of Love

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