As Summer Fades…

As Summer fades, depression sets in. Some people stay, but most people go. Groups are split, and focuses shift.

The busy man may be able to avoid depression regarding Summer’s End, or at least let a tight schedule soften it. This man casts depression aside, and instead begins something new as to beat depression.

Others have great experiences headed their way, yet focus too much on waning days or cooler nights. These people may not be ready to start something new–accepting depression solely.

Summer’s End always makes sure both the busy man and the nostalgic one suffer.

The man with the new schedule will wish he’d looked back for depression when it was fresh. While the one unaccepting of the future will make no new memories to share.

For both of these reasons, we have pictures. Photos to look back on to remind oneself of sweet depression. And, new photos to take and share, for friends always need a way to connect again.

The photos below may not be great. A photography teacher would never give them a passing grade.

But, fuck that. It was summer and we were drunk taking pictures. What do they expect? Stop working, stop crying. The gallery below is full of two rolls of color 35mm film we shot while making memories. Let’s do it all again soon.

Love you, Summer.

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