When Your Aunt Lives in Baja…

… You get to visit one of the wildest west places that still exist in our portion of this globalized world. You get to surf warm waves with little to no company in the lineup, you get to eat some of the freshest food you’ve ever tasted, and you are staying for free!


Right now you are probably asking yourself, “Well whose fucking aunt lives in Baja?” Not mine, and probably not yours either (if she does give us a call).


Unless, of course, your name is  CJ Serratore. In that case, you’d say something like, “I didn’t tell the boys they could write about my friggin’ aunt.”


No, CJ did not give us permission to talk about the aunt we wish we all had… However, he did give us a little insight to what his stay in Baja has been like. Check the photos below, and just know a better surfer would be stacking way better photos (sorry CJ).




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