Tyler Warren in “SUR”


Tyler Warren don’t care if it’s “Charlie’s Point” or not. He’ll ride it with a fish, thruster, step-up, or an egg…


Warren’s new edit isn’t groundbreaking. But, with good music and consistently stylish surfing on a warm, right-hand point break, you can’t help but get lost in this one.


The Clash plays “Charlie Don’t Surf” as regular-footed Warren methodically takes apart one grinding wave after another.


Tyler Warren is another proponent of the “ride everything movement”. Established by surfers like Joel Tudor and kept alive by guys like Warren and Ryan Burch, the “ride everything movement” is a newer, eclectic view of surfing waves.


Followers of surfers like Tudor tend to ride anything from a 5′ Warren-fish to a 12′ Burch-glider. It’s a wholesome way to look at surfing, and it disallows the user from becoming stagnant or contrived.


While Warren’s doing mostly mid-face cutties in the video, he experiments with a few funny maneuvers (cheater-five tube rides) and is able to push his handmade equipment in some waves of consequence.


The edit is worth the watch. Standing at little more than 5 minutes, it’s the perfect midday clip to remind you why you like to surf.




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