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Shark Week: Dorsal Drip

Jawsome paraphernalia for ocean-goers who want to pay respect to the Gs of the sea. By: Britt Mattie (somewhere elsewhere – @_bmattie_) Nightmarish predispositions of the slippery taxman were placed in our heads back in the summer of ’75 when JAWS hit the big screen. In the wake of its manic response, Hollywood and media-driven paranoia […]

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The “State of Flow” in the NH Longboarding Scene

We are HYPE on longboarding at the moment. There’s really no other choice than to be stoked to logging when the waves go flat in the Summer. However, we aren’t complaining because Summers produce vids like this one. Here we have a few shredders from New Hampshire locking into trim on some point-break peelers. One […]

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“September” Short East Coast Surfing Film

September 2017 was something that may have never happened before and may never happen again. I surely cannot remember a run of swell like it. And as I talk to more surfers who are more experienced than I, the consensus is majorly the same. Whether this past month is a precursor for what’s to come […]

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