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Mid-Summer Up North Trip to Montreal

All year long, New Jersey residents look forward to the Summertime. In February, these citizens oft convince themselves that living through the slow, cold days is all worth it once it gets warm. But what is easily forgotten about are all the assholes who come to NJ during the Summer months. Summer is not all […]

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RIP Summer 2019

Gonna choke back the tears as I write this… While we were already missing Summer’s warmth–getting these 35mm shots developed really affirmed the death of Summer ’19. Hurricane Season is coming to an end (holding out hope for a late season swell) and the next thing in vision is–dare I mention her–Wintertime. The air is […]

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Happy Birthday America

  I think this may be the most American video ever conceived. We love you America, Happy Birthday. That is all.

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