Please Surf Again Soon: Russell Bierke

According to, Russell Bierke was knocked unconscious while surfing in Port Campbell, Victoria yesterday.  To make this every more wild, Kelly Slater was apparently the one to save Bierke.

Among the crew surfing that day were Slater, Ross Clarke-Jones, Tom Carroll, Ryan Hipwood along with the 19-year old surfer from Ulladulla in NSW.  In a freak incident, Bierke’s board knocked him unconscious.  Luckily for Bierke, there were experienced surfers and ski-riders in the water with him.  Bierke was taken to shore and an ambulance was called.  As of now, the big wave surfer is in the hospital recovering.

So basically, Russell Bierke is insane.  If you haven’t heard about him already or witness the show he put on in Red Bull’s Cape Fear contest, you might even be crazier.

I think Bierke has popularized the term “slab-surfer” and it isn’t too hard to figure out why.  His surfing is never anything less than a full-send and consequently makes for a really interesting viewing experience.

Hearing that the dude is hurt, we’d really like to send our best wishes.  Bierke is a total charger and we support his send.  I cannot wait to see this guy back on his feet and underneath a 25-foot lip.

For an exclusive on Bierke and this injury, check out


Get well soon, Russell… While he’s doing that, check out the guy shred and share his inner insanities in Master & Apprentice.

Here’s some Cape Fear footage for eye feasting.

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