Don’t Sleep on Clay Marzo

Who in their right mind would? It’s hard to think that anyone could overlook such a legend as Marzo after watching this edit, however the dude often cruises low-key… Until, of course, he decides to let his clip-stacking efforts, as well as his board’s tail, fly free.


Standing at a bit less than ten minutes long, the new edit has some meat to it–unlike its shorter, web-clip counterparts. Besides being a mad dragonfruit gatherer, Clay Marzo hunts and takes down slabby, left-going tubes for the movie’s entirety.


Not only is Marzo charging, but he’s doing with hair-adjustment steez while inside the hefty holes he patrols. Not to mention, he surfs like he’s got Stick-Em on his feet…


So sit back, relax, and maybe even crack a cold one to this… I’d say ten minutes is plenty for 12 ounces. Enjoy.


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