Day: January 25, 2017

Let’s Leave Jersey… Costa Rica

Winter can get monotonous… especially on the east coast.  Yea, the surf gets good when the wintry south swells start to pump up the coast.  But, sometimes these swells pop up for a solitary day of waves and Jersey surfers are left with another week-long flat spell until the next winter storm is conceived. A […]

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Farewell, SURFING Magazine: A Questionable Future for Print

After more than 50 years of publication, SURFING magazine has been put to rest. According to the Ocean County Business Journal, on January 23rd of this year, The Enthusiast Network (TEN) announced it would be disbanding SURFING Magazine. TEN plans to reallocate the deceased magazine’s resources into the network’s sole surf publication, SURFER magazine. “I […]

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